Hikari Exhibition –

It is a contemporary photography from Japan by Yuji Obata, Tokihiro Sato, Shiho Kito, Kimiko Yoshida, Ken Kitano, in support from The Japan Foundation.   Hikari: Contemporary Photography from Japan explores the notion of “Hikari” (the Japanese word for light) in each of the photographers’ work. Each artist investigates how light can be used as […]

Wall Art Festival 2012

Bihar is known as the poorest state in Northeast India. Indian and Japanese artists spend around 20 days there at the Niranjana School in Sujata Village, Bodh-Gaya, and produce Wall Art using the walls of the school building as canvas. In the process, the artists spend time with children there and conduct workshops for them. […]

Japan-India Performing Arts Show

This show includes contemporary dance and theater based on the concept of embodiment and the performing arts. India has a long history of colorful, splendid traditional dances that combine high-level artistry and exceptional techniques. These dances have led to the rise of contemporary performing arts that approach modern society through physical expression. Japan is also […]

Origami Workshops

Origami is the traditional Japanese art or technique of folding paper into forms of animals, plants, everyday items and more. It is often done just for fun, but can also incorporate religious and ceremonial dimensions. In recent years, the artistic side of origami has been reassessed, giving rise to many exceptional works and new folding […]

The Water Station

This is a rendition of Shogo Ohta’s silent play “The Water Station” featuring Shankar Venkateswaran, a young stage director gaining attention in India, as well as up- andcoming actors chosen from auditions held throughout India. Shogo Ohta (1939-2007) was a playwright and stage director from Japan that during the cacophony of the 1960s established a […]