Grant Support for Organizations of Japanese Language Education in India

The Japan Foundation, (JFND) offers various types of grants to non-profit Japanese language education institutions in India for projects which promote Japanese Language Education in India.

This grant program for the organization and groups providing Japanese language education for the SSW (Specified Skilled Workers) in India has been announced.

The purpose of this grant program is to partially support the costs of programs implemented by organizations and groups that provide Japanese-language education to persons, including those who plan to come to Japan under the “Specified Skills” residence status system, to support Japanese-language education is necessary for living and working in Japan.

Please download attached:    

Fill the Application Form and adjoining required documents and send it to us.  

Contact person:

Toyomaru Taisei (Mr.)
Tel: +91-11-45588698 / 46065769

Takemoto Kyoko (Ms.)

Ashish (Mr.)
Tel: +91-11-45588698 / 46065769

We strongly recommend you to first contact our program coordinator, Ashish (Mr.), for any query.

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