Application opens! Japanese Language & Culture Course – Fourth Term (Jan to Mar, 2013)

Application opens! Japanese Language & Culture Course – Fourth Term (Jan to Mar, 2013)

Japanese Language and Culture Course Fourth Term (January to April, 2013) – Course Instruction – 1. Time Table Morning Classes (10:30-12:30) Class   Course Title                                       Day          Duration I         […]

After an unfortunate accident with a gangster in a black Jaguar, Suzuki, a meek and indecisive rental car clerk, is forced to visit the yakuza’s lair. The thug stands ready to exact retribution by breaking all of Suzuki’s fingers when a violent explosion rips through the den, killing off almost the entire gang. Meanwhile, Shizuko, […]

Four Japanese masters in traditional dance, drums, folksongs and Shamisen will bring you a versatile dance and music tradition of Japan. The “Shamisen” is a three-stringed traditional musical instrument that produces clear and vibrant sound. It has been loved by Japanese people for over 500 years. To perform in India, Japanese dance and drum masters […]

The Japan Foundation and Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication presents Kurosawa Retrospective – Experiencing The Genius of Akira Kurosawa. This film festival consists of 25 classic Japanese Films of the legendary director – Akira Kurosawa. Akira Kurosawa-Profile Born on 23rd March 1910 in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Kurosawa studied art before entering into film. He […]

Topic : “The Survival of Japanese Monozukuri (Manufacturing): Comparison between Apple and Sony” What is the reason behind today’s stall in Japanese electronics industry? Is this merely the phenomenon happening in the manufacturing industry, or is it happening in other industries, too? Is there something Japanese corporates can learn from that phenomenon? In this lecture, […]

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“The Return of K.T.O.” by Tsuyoshi Ozawa talks & screening with live performance    Date: 21.02.2018, Wednesday Time: 17:30- (Open17:00-) Venue: Phoenix, The Astor 15, Shakespeare Sarani, Near Nightingale Hospital, Camac Street Area, Kolkata RSVP: Organized by The Japan Foundation, New Delhi Supported by The Consulate-General of Japan in Kolkata     Ozawa Tsuyoshi […]

The Japan Foundation and PIX invites you to the Artist Talk by Niha Masih and Zishaan Akbar Latif of current issue of PIX: Recovery. This issue of PIX marks the completion of two years of Great East Japan Earthquake as a gesture or a metaphor for understanding the various meanings that people invest in images […]

The Japan Foundation and Gati Dance Forum invites you to the dance performance, workshop(check details below) and installations by two contemporary dancers. Surjit Nongmeikapam(from Manipur) & Mayuka Ueno-Gayer (from Japan), searching for new movement patterns. The dancers met in Manipur to explore the region through the prism of bodily movements. As a part of North […]

The Japan Foundation invites you to India – Japan Dialogue Lecture Series 2013-14 Part I – Japanese Overseas Students in India in 1950’s: Experiencing the Journey of Japanese Scholars to India,In those days, India was our Hope During 1950’s, although India was facing tough times as it had just won the independence, Indian government was […]