Though many national and international organizations have produced many documentaries and films on issues related to disaster management, they have so far been deprived of a right platform. Global Forum for Disaster Reduction (GFDR) is committed to provide an international platform to producers of these documentaries and films from various countries. This will result in experience sharing and raising awareness. Cinema is a powerful tool of documentation and dissemination and a film festival of this nature can go long away in promoting awareness about disaster risk reduction.

Global Forum for Disaster Reduction (GFDR), in association with Japan Foundation, India, is hosting Second International Film Festival on Disaster Risk Reduction Shock Waves 2012 on 3-4 Aug, 2012 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

The Film Festival will screen films received from different parts of the world on various categories like Learnings from Japan, Living with Disasters, Beyond Disasters (Sustainable Development), Indigenous Knowledge and Practices, Protecting our Earth (CCA and Environment issues) and Culture of Disaster Preparedness (School and Community Focus).

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Entry Free (on first come first seated basis)