Click! Japan Photo Contest Exhibition

The Japan Foundation, New Delhi is pleased to present the exhibition titled Click! Japan Photo Contest organised by The Embassy of Japan in India, JFND, JAL, ANA, Canon & JNTO. This beautiful exhibition portrays photographs clicked by Indians who visited Japan and captured their memorable trip. These photos portray the myriad facets of Japan, ranging […]

“I Love Sushi” Exhibition

The Japan Foundation, in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan and the India International Centre, is so pleased to announce the, “I Love Sushi” Exhibition. The exhibition was inaugurated in presence of The Japan Foundation President, Amb. Umemoto Kazuyoshi on Monday, February 26th, 2024. From the process of making sushi, to the different kinds of sushi that […]

Northeast Caravan

The Japan Foundation, New Delhi is pleased to announce that the Northeast Caravan is moving towards its last leg of its destination, which is to the city of Kohima, Nagaland! We will be bringing a selective range of anime and Japanese cultural workshops for you to get the one-of-a-kind experience of ‘Mini Japan in India’. […]

“Echoes of Prosperity”

Japan Foundation, New Delhi is pleased to collaborate with Galeria Geek Art to present India Art Fair Parallel Exhibition, “Echoes of Prosperity: Capturing Japan’s Graphic Narratives: 1980s – 1990s.” The exhibition delves into Japan’s cultural evolution during the dynamic 80s-90s, through meticulously curated graphic design posters from the era. They serve as a testament to […]

Japanese Classic Samurai Series

Just as history paves the way for the future, film directors of the past have built the foundation on which contemporary directors build their works. The Japan Foundation, in collaboration with the India Habitat Centre, brought to you 5 samurai films by legendary Japanese directors. We hope you got a glimpse into the lives of […]

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