Do you want your students to experience the Japanese language and culture?

We welcome you!

The Japan Foundation, New Delhi offers language and culture-based workshops for schools, called SWAGATAM! JAPAN FOUNDATION. It is designed to encourage and excite students about learning Japanese. It is a two hours program that consists of Introduction of JF, Japanese activities and Games.

The goal of this program is to enhance and motivate the Japanese language learners, and for non-Japanese learners to let them know more about Japan, Japanese language and culture as well.
The program consists of introduction of Japan Foundation followed by Japanese quiz and main activity, etc.

Those who want to participate can apply under our Online/Offline Swagatam program. 

Schools with or without Japanese language knowledge are also welcome. Individual participation is not allowed. If you would like to experience the Japanese language and culture can apply. 

·     Venue: The Japan Foundation, New Delhi (Offline) or Zoom (Online)
·     Capacity: 10-30 Members (Offline), 10-50 members (Online)

★ Participant’s Eligibility
·     Participants must be school students.
·     Grades 4 to 12
·  Participants must have a PC, desktop, or smartphone with an Internet connection (Online).

Only Schools can apply for this (Private Institutions, Colleges, and Companies / Factories cannot apply).

★If interested, Queries/ Contact:

 Ms. Muskan Praveen