Japanese Design Today 100

Japanese Design Today 100

The designs of products for living are mirrors that reflect the life of our society and the personal lifestyles of individuals. These designs vividly depict the hopes and dreams of the people using the products as well as the designers and corporations creating them. This world- traveling “Japanese Design Today 100” exhibition is a selection […]

Japanese Language and Culture Course Fourth Term (January to April, 2013) – Course Instruction – 1. Time Table Morning Classes (10:30-12:30) Class   Course Title                                       Day          Duration I         […]

Shinobu Yaguchi brought feelings of laughter, tears, and exhilaration to audiences in Japan with his films about boys’ synchronized swimming and girls’ high school big band jazz. The theme of his latest film is “airplanes” of all things! Usually, films featuring airplanes tend to be panic films or focus on just the pilots and flight […]

Yoko Ono, the world-famous Japanese artist and wife of John Lennon, is also known as a symbol of peace activities. For over half a century, she has continued in a creative capacity in such areas as avantgarde visual arts and performance, film, music and poetry. She has been highly acclaimed as a pioneer in conceptual […]

This show includes contemporary dance and theater based on the concept of embodiment and the performing arts. India has a long history of colorful, splendid traditional dances that combine high-level artistry and exceptional techniques. These dances have led to the rise of contemporary performing arts that approach modern society through physical expression. Japan is also […]

This Japanese contemporary art exhibition was jointly planned by young curators from India, Thailand and Japan. Hints of its “Journey to the West” motif originate from two historical interactions. The first is based on an intellectual exchange between Rabindranath Tagore, a poet and philosopher from India, and Okakura Tenshin, an art historian and philosopher from […]

Two Japanese film screenings per month will be held for each of the following topics: “Passion for Film” (January 2012), “Special Features on Hiroko Yakushimaru” (February 2012) and “Dedicated Women” (March 2012). JFND Regular Japanese Film Screening Film                                   […]

The Japan Foundation presents a lecture and demonstration on WAGASHI- The Art of Japanese Sweets by Noriyuki Myojin and Shogo Shimada. About Wagashi The word “Wagashi” is made up of two components-“Wa” which means Japanese style and “Gashi”; a modification of “Kashi” which means sweet. Thus Wagashi can be literally translated to traditional Japanese sweets. […]

Bihar is known as the poorest state in Northeast India. Indian and Japanese artists spend around 20 days there at the Niranjana School in Sujata Village, Bodh-Gaya, and produce Wall Art using the walls of the school building as canvas. In the process, the artists spend time with children there and conduct workshops for them. […]

Art animation refers to highly artistic animation work produced mainly by small groups of people or individuals applying various techniques. The workshops are run by Maya Yonesho, who is active in Japan and overseas in the field of art animation. Participants engage in all aspects of animation production, from storyboard creation to filming and special […]