Koji Sato
Director General

When you spread your wings of imagination and get out of the sphere of your culture, you are impressed by new discoveries and at the same time update new self. I also traveled to various countries in the world, sometimes living in several countries and cities for a long time including India, and was able to expand my world through wonderful experiences of encountering people and culture that had not been familiar to me before. I must say that how I am fortunate to be able to learn the thoughts and worldview of India through making life-long friendship, learning languages, enjoying wonderful movies, music and literature, during four years of the turn of the century and latest few years in the 2020s. The people who visit the Japan Foundation are those who are particularly interested in Japan and enjoy more about Japanese culture. JF continues to provide you with inspiring experiences with various programs and projects, hoping that you would get the same treasures that I have been receiving from India. May your encounter with Japanese culture and language enrich your life. And I hope that there will be more and more exchanges between people of India and Japan who respect each other, and that so much of valuable and joyful will be born out of it. I am looking forward to meeting you all, friends.