The Japan Foundation, New Delhi (JFND) owns several cultural equipment such as Yukata, Japanese games such as Shogi and Igo, and other Japanese toys. We would like to announce the following regulations for borrowing of cultural items, which JFND offers as service, mainly to introduce Japanese culture to people in India.

  1. Borrowing is ‘Free of charge’. However, before returning cultural items to JFND, washable items must be washed by the laundry shop which is able to handle Japanese cultural items such as Yukata. ‘Laundry Fee’ must be paid by the applicant.
  2. Even if you are applying from a distance outside the Delhi NCR, you must secure your own transport. We will not send you on a courier or arrange it for you.
  3. In principle, applicants should be non-profit organizations (e.g., educational institutions, cultural organizations, NGO/ NPOs, etc.). Higher priority shall be given to educational institutions that offer Japanese language learning courses.
  4. Commercial activities, or activities that mainly aim for selling of goods are not eligible. There might be other cases in which JFND rejects application.