Recruitment of new staff at The Japan Foundation

Recruitment of new staff at The Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation invites application for the position of Program Coordinator, on Retainer ship Basis. The complete details are as follows: About The Japan Foundation The Japan Foundation is a governmental organization of Japan, formed for international cultural exchange program. Our Office is promoting art & culture, Japanese language and Japanese studies &Intellectual exchange program in India. […]

Synopsis : Fumio Yano is a young businessman working for a trading house in Tokyo. He is a quiet, unassuming man in the office and in his private life as well, but when it comes to skiing, he comes alive and his ability approaches the professional level. Part of his company’s business is promoting a […]

Color animation / Vista / 2007 /138 min /Shin-ei Animation Director: Hara Keiichi Script: Hara Keiichi Based on the book by: Kogure Masao Cinematography: Yanai Koichi Production Design: Nakamura Takashi Music: Wakakusa Kei Producer: Mogi Hitoshi Cast (voices): Coo: Tomizawa Kazato Uehara Koichi: Yokokawa Takahiro Uehara Hitomi, his younger sister: Matsumoto Tamaki Uehara Yasuo, his […]

Japanese Language & Culture Course 2013 SUMMER COURSE for Students in Grade 5 & 6 – Course Instruction- The Japan Foundation will conduct an intensive Japanese language course specially designed for school students in Grade 5 & 6. Students of this course will be able to communicate in basic Japanese on daily basis and understand […]

Amae, which is a psychoanalytic terms, and it literally means “Dependence” in Japanese language. The Concept of Amae was, first, introduced by one Japanese psychoanalyst, Mr. Takeo Doi, to the psychoanalytic society, since then, this concept has been further researched by many other psychoanalysts. In Japan as well as in many other Asian countries, being […]

Synopsis: Celebrating 30 years for city of Urayasu. Kai Nagae hopes to become a professional violinist. He lives in Urayasu with his parents and older sister. The family used to perform classical music together, however nowadays they care less for music and for each other. Wishing to be back together, Kai decides to form a family quartet. Shot during the Great East Japan Earthquake, over 700 civilian volunteers supported the completion of the film in hopes for a quick recovery.

Synopsis Sanpei lives in the beautiful countryside with his grandfather. His schoolmate calls Sanpei a “river goblin” because of how he looks, but in reality, Sanpei is never a good swimmer. One day, while he is sneakily practicing for the swimming competition in the river, he is caught in the muddy stream. When he gains […]

Synopsis: On the small island of Miyakejima lives the Noyama family. The family runs a running lodging home. Elementary school student Shin Noyama names their new born puppy Rock. Shin absolutely adores Rock. On August, 2000 a devastating volcano erupts on the island. The Noyama family must quickly flee the island and in the process […]

The Japan Foundation, New Delhi and the Network for Promotion of Aisan Film (NEPTAC) will screen a Japanese film, Zen on 30 April at Indian Council for Cultural Relations during the International Buddhist Festival ‘The Inner Path’ . Film title: Zen 127 min / ZEN Production Committee Director: TAKAHASHI Banmei Script: TAKAHASHI Banmei Based on […]

Thank you for your application ! Class I and Class II are full,  and we will not able to take any more application forms for these classes. Japanese Language and Culture Course First Term (July to November, 2013) Course Instruction 1. Time Table Morning Class [10:30-12:30] Class                  Class name                                        Day                             I           Conversation (A1 Introductory)                 […]