The Japan Foundation invites application for the position of Program Coordinator, on Retainer ship Basis.

The complete details are as follows:

About The Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation is a governmental organization of Japan, formed for international cultural exchange program. Our Office is promoting art & culture, Japanese language and Japanese studies &Intellectual exchange program in India. The applications for the post of“Program Coordinator” on Retainer ship basis are hereby invited stated asunder:

1. Position

Program Coordinator (On Retainer ship Basis)

2. Contract period

till 31st March, 2014

(Possibilities are there to extend the contract)

3. Job description

(1)Coordinating the cultural programs and Japanese languageprograms

(2)Assistant to PR for all programs

(3)Assistant to general affairs in the office

4. Qualification

(i) Graduate/ Post Graduate degree in Arts, JapaneseLanguage, Japanese studies, international affairs and Public Relations will bepreferred.

(ii) Working experience in the field of arts and culture,Japanese language related organization, NGO, NPO, Public Relations will bepreferred.

(iii) Skill of Hindi and English is necessary, candidateshaving knowledge of writing or speaking Japanese language will be preferred.

5. Working Conditions

From Monday to Friday, 09:30 to 17:30 including 1 hour lunchbreak

6. Offering Retainer ship Fee

From 20,000Rs per month (depending on the skill andexperience and TDS @ 10% will be deducted from the total Retainer ship Fee)

7. Deadline for the application

10th May 2013

8. Documents to be submitted

(1) Entry Form (attached in the email)

(2) CV

(3) Certificate of graduate/ post graduate degree

(4) Certificate of working experience

(5) Recommendation Letter

9. Contact

Please send all the documents in a sealed envelope to thefollowing address:


Director (Arts & Culture)

The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

5A Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar IV

New Delhi 110024


Please download the Application Form from the link:

*Personal communication is not allowed and all the enquiries shall be entertained through emails (