Amae, which is a psychoanalytic terms, and it literally means “Dependence” in Japanese language. The Concept of Amae was, first, introduced by one Japanese psychoanalyst, Mr. Takeo Doi, to the psychoanalytic society, since then, this concept has been further researched by many other psychoanalysts.

In Japan as well as in many other Asian countries, being dependent on other people is relatively more accepted than in Western societies. However, this relationship which was traditionally accepted has been challenged lately, and now we are more under the pressure to live independently.

This time, The Japan Foundation, New Delhi, will invite one of the young psychoanalysts who studied in Japan, Kyushu University, for her Ph.D. to talk about the concept of Amae and other Japanese psychological developmental concepts.

 The Speaker

Dr. Jhuma Basak

Ph.D in Psychology, from Kyushu University, Japan

Date : 17th May, 2013

Time : 18:30