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Class I and Class II are full,  and we will not able to take any more application forms for these classes.

Japanese Language and Culture Course
First Term (July to November, 2013)
Course Instruction

1. Time Table

Morning Class [10:30-12:30]

Class                  Class name                                        Day                      
   I           Conversation (A1 Introductory)                         Thur                                             
  II            Conversation (A1 Introductory)                        Wed & Fri                                   
  III           Conversation (A1 Introductory)                         Tue      

Afternoon Class [15:30-17:30]

Class                    Class name                                       Day                   
  IV           Conversation (A2 Elementary)                          Mon                          
  V            Grammar & Script (A1 Introductory)                  Tue   
  VI            Learn Japanese Culture in Japanese                Wed   

The duration of Class I to V: 2nd week of July to 2nd week of Nov  (4 months)
The duration of Class VI:  2nd week of Aug to 5th week of Aug  (4 weeks)


2. Course Details
Applicants must be 18 years of age or above and can communicate in English.

Conversation (A1 Introductory)    Class: I, II and III
Eligibility:   Class I & II:  Those who have no prior knowledge in Japanese
///////////////  /
Class III :   Those who have completed Lesson 1 to 8 of “Marugoto A1 [Activity]”
//////////////  /////////////////////
Those who have learned basic Japanese for a short time
Textbook:   “Marugoto A1 -Japanese Language and Culture [Activity]”
Textbook & material fee:      INR 600

Conversation (A2 Elementary)    Class IV
Eligibility:    Those who have completed Lesson 8 of “Marugoto A2-1 [Activity])”
/////// //////////Those whose Japanese proficiency level is below JLPT N5
Textbook:     “Marugoto A2-1  -Japanese Language and Culture [Activity]”
Textbook & material fee:     INR 600

Script & Grammar (A1 Introductory)    Class V
Eligibility:    Those who have completed Lesson 1 to 4 of “Marugoto A1 [Comprehension]”
/// ///////////// /
Those who can read hiragana and katakana
Textbook:    “Marugoto A1 -Japanese Language and Culture [Comprehension]”
Textbook & material fee:    INR 600

Learn Japanese Culture in Japanese   Class VI
This course aims at deepening understanding on Japanese culture and life by reading texts,
watching TV programmes and discussion.  It will be taught in simple Japanese.
Eligibility:  Those who obtained JLPT N4 or equivalent
Those who have completed “Marugoto A2-1”
Material:     To be provided in classroom
Material fee:   INR 600

Application and Course Fee Payment

– Please send an email to , call us at 2644-2967 or visit the Japan Foundation in order to obtain the Course Instruction and Application Form.
– Please fill up the Application Form and email it to the Japan Foundation at
– Due to class size, telephone interview will be conducted during 24 to 28 June on a first-come-
first-served basis in the order of application submission. Please note that once all the seats are
taken up by early-bird applicants. The telephone interview will not be conducted for the late
– Those who were selected shall come and pay the material fee at the Japan Foundation by 5 July to finalise the registration (Sat and Sun are closed).  The registration of those who failed to
pay the fee by the designated day will be cancelled.

Venue and class size

– Venue: The Japan Foundation, New Delhi
– Class size: 10 to 15 people


– Lessons that fall on public holidays may be shifted to alternative dates.
– If you are absent for 2 or more lessons in a row, you cannot continue the course.
– The above classes are not designed for JLPT preparation.

Application Deadline: 21 June, 2013