After an unfortunate accident with a gangster in a black Jaguar, Suzuki, a meek and
indecisive rental car clerk, is forced to visit the yakuza’s lair. The thug stands ready to
exact retribution by breaking all of Suzuki’s fingers when a violent explosion rips through
the den, killing off almost the entire gang.
Meanwhile, Shizuko, a plain, timid nurse, is stuck behind her glasses on the night shift at
a local hospital. The other nurses on the-shift tease her relentlessly driving her to seek
refuge at the local convenience store when she dreams of the “new self-predicted by her
Drawn to the demolished building by the explosion, Shizuko discovers Suzuki, dazed and
slightly wounded. She helps him into an ambulance. They are joined by the only
other survivor, the Jaguar driver, who hovers near death, lying unconscious on a
stretcher. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose. Before we know it, Suzuki and Shizuko are on
the run with a trunk full of bloody cash and a very enraged mobster. To make matters
worse, they have a gang of hopeless hooligans in hot pursuit. The timid young pair savors
their first real taste of life as they fall in love, dodging the yakuza’s vengeance. With tight
camerawork and excellent script, Yaguchi manages to hold the tension throughout
what is one of the funnies-t comedies to emerge from Japan in recent years.

Working with two of Japan’s hottest young stars, Yaguchi injects a compelling dose of
reality into the increasingly absurd situations laid out by his scripts.
Masanobu Ando, who-debuted as the star of Takeshi Kitan’o’s KID’S’RETURN, delivers
a smashing performance as a loser emerging from his shell.
Hikari Ishida, a television star, is his perfect foil. She sheds her nerdy glasses and meek
behavior faster than you can yell, “take the money and run.”


Director :                   Shinobu Yaguchi
Screenwriter :            Kiyoshi Mizokami
Producer :                 Takeshi Harnada
Photography :             Koichi Watanabe
Lighting :                     Masatoshi Yokomizo
Recording Music :     Seiichi Yamamoto & RASHINBAN


Shizuko Sato :         Hikari Ishida
Satoru Suzuki :        Masanobu Ando
Kuroiwa :                 Yutaka Matsushige
Chief nurse :           Kazue Kadogae
Punks :                   JOVIJOVA