Come and enjoy the spectacular World of Japanese Cinema at The Japan Foundation, New Delhi.

The Theme of the month is “In Memory of the Legendary Ken Takakura”


Director: Yasuo FURUHATA
Duration: 132 Minutes/ Color


Date    : 10th Feb., 2015
Time   : 18:30
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

Entry Free

Short Synopsis:

Mikami, a police detective and an Olympic shooting player, has time only for his job and shooting practice and so, leaves his wife and children. His shooting coach and superior, is shot by an unknown assailant, but he is excluded from the investigation because of the Olympic. More than a decade later, will he finally catch up with the man who murdered his superior?

This is an unusual detective drama where we see many facades of human emotions. Leaving the complicated human-relationship to the audience’s imagination, it captures the love and hatred, meeting and separation of men and women and the most important aspects of their lives of the audience’ evaluation. The severity of the weather in both winter and summer are contrasted with the intensity of human emotions. A true film masterpiece.


(C)1981 Toho Co., Ltd.


Note: There will be repeat screening of this film on 21st Feb at 14:00 at The Japan Foundation.