Since the Abe’s economic policies and reforms have vastly been approved by the majority of Japanese people and he was re-elected in his chair in December, 2014, what changes or intensive push in economic reforms we are going to witness in near future? And how “Abenomics” will shape-up in years to come? How will it impact the future course of India-Japan economic relations? How the Indian economic transformation “Modinomics” will work in coming future?     


These are the questions we will throw at this time of India-Japan Dialogue Lecture Series Part II.


Prof. Takahiro Sato from Kobe University who is currently visiting JNU as a visiting scholar will talk about the economic policies of both India and Japan; its similarities, differences, and their relationship with each other.


Speaker: Prof. Takahiro Sato (Kobe University)

Interpreter/Moderator: Prof. Prem Motwani (JNU)



Date   : 9th January, 2014

Time  : 19:00 

Venue: The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

Entry Free


*Lecture will be delivered in Japanese language which will be translated in English.