The Japan Foundation, New Delhi, will organise recitation of poems and stories from the selected works of the mysterious Poet, Kenji Miyazawa. Though he died at age of 37, he left many poems and stories which received the recognition only after his death. On this occasion, the messages of an unknown poet will be explored and delivered by India Actors and Actresses.


Poem:  Ame nimo Makezu (BARIS KA PARKOP JHELKAR)


1.       Yodaka no Hoshi (RATRI KA TARA YODAKA)

2.       Icho no Mi (GINKAGO PEDH KE BEEJ)

3.       Kenju Koenrin (KENJU KA UDYAAN)



in Hindi

Date: 7th November, 2014
Time: 18:30
Venue: The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

Entry Free