Directed by : MITSUISHI Fujiro
Produced by : ITO Hidehiro , ASAHI Masatsugu

[ Cast ]
KISHIBE Ittoku KUBO Takanori
MORITA Naoyuki KUBO Yukio
HAZAMA Kanpei KUBO Hisanori
KATO Natsuki AKASHI Yuka

[ Staff ]

MATSUSHITA Junichi Executive Producer
ENDO Koji Music
ITO Hidehiro Screenplay
INOMOTO Masami Cinematography
OBA Hayato Production Design
KIKUCHI Junichi Editor

[ Story ]
A collection of stories by the popular manga artist Morishita Hiromi, known for her ‘Shonen Ashibe’ and other strips, has been transformed into an affecting live-action human comedy.
Director Mitsuishi Fujio (Ogya) took the helm to hportray the life of a vigorous, single-mother (plus one) family in a working-class district of Osaka, with a light, humorous touch. The film shines with extraordinary performances by an entirely persuasive ensemble cast, led by Matsuzaka Keiko in the role of the plucky mother.
After the father’s sudden death, the cheerful, hard-working Fusako (Matsuzaka) is holding
together the Kubo family of three growing sons. Then a mysterious man (Kishibe Ittoku) appears, claiming to be the dead father’s younger brother, and the easygoing Fusako lets him move in. The sons are perplexed by this unexpected development, but Masaji (Hisano Masahiro), the eldest, a very mature 9th-grader, falls in love with a college student, while the semi-tough second son, Yukio (Morita Naoyuki), begins to have doubts about his biological parents. Meanwhile, the youngest, the grade-schooler Koki (Otsuka Tomoya) tells his classmates he wants to become a girl and earns their ridicule. It is clear the boys have troubles enough to fill their days.

2009/Color/35mm /107 min.

Date : 13th June at 18:30
15th June at 14:00
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi