The Japan Foundation, New Delhi invites you to the exhibition of collection of remarkable graphic posters from the 80’ and 90’, depicting the tremendous changes in economy of Japan in that period.

These are works of the following 15 renowned Japanese graphic designers :

Yusaku  kamekura

Kiyoshi  awazu

Kazumasa  Nagai

Ikko  Tanaka

Makoto  Nakamura

Mitsuo  Katsui

Shigeo  Fukuda

Masayoshi Nakajo

Tadanori Yokoo

Keisuke Nagatomo

Koichi Sato

Shin Matsunaga

Yukimasa Okumura

Masatoshi  Itoda

Makoto Saito

The mentioned period is known as the period of the Bubble Economy in Japan and this period was extremely good for business, which is reflected in the works. Various enterprises invested a lot of money on advertising and publicity which allowed the graphic designers to try out different kinds of designs.

Moreover, it was also a period when Japan saw an increase in awareness towards environmental problems, and signs of globalization started becoming visible, leading to the creation of a number of posters for international meetings and expositions influenced by these developments. In this exhibition, we have collected the works of those designers that worked closely with such developments in the society.

Through these posters, we would like the audience to enjoy the works of world-famous graphic designers and at the same time get a glimpse of the social conditions in Japan at that time.

The collection of 75 posters has been divided into 3 parts. The schedule is as follows:

Part I:   13th May – 6th June

Part II:  10th June – 4th July

Part III:   8th -31st July

Time :  11:00-19:00

Venue: The Japan Foundation, New Delhi