It is spring in the Unasaka region. The area within the second enclosure of the castle is full of young girls delighting in the cherry blossoms. As she is enthralled by the cherry blossoms, Ito is suddenly greeted by a young samurai, Eguchi Magoshiro. Trained in swordsmanship by her father, Ito is said to have successively defeated the best students at the dojo Sonshiro attends and he has come to challenge her to a duel someday. At some point, Ito had grown fond of Sonshiro as a polite as well as skilled swordsman, but Ito’s father has chosen a fiance for her, Saisuke. Meanwhile, engagement talks move forward for Sonshiro also; the individual is Kayo, Ito’s uninhibited senior who is known have had experience with men. Yet, the engagement will elevate the status of Sonshiro’s family and if this makes him happy, then that is Ito’s hope; however, she catches Kayo together with a samurai with whom she is rumored of having an affair, Fujii Kageyu. Furthermore, a year later, Ito’s hope is mercilessly betrayed…

Color / Cinema Scope (1:2.35) / 2009 / 107min / Hana no Ato Associates

Staff :

Director: Kenji NAKANISHI

Script: Yasuo HASEGAWA, Kenzaburo IIDA

Original Story: Shuhei FUJISAWA

Music: Satoshi TAKEBE



Masahiro KOUMOTO

Shuntaro MIYAO