YAJI has lost his wife and son to an epidemic and he lives alone in a ramshackle row house, eking out a living sculpting fancy pastries. He is in love with OKINO, a popular local courtesan, but she remains frustratingly beyond his reach.

Okino decides to lie to Yaji, pleading “Help me run away to see my dying father one last time.” Yaji rises to the occasion and proclaims he will engineer her escape from the pleasure quarters and take her to her native village.

Just then, a man appears outside the window. He is KITA, Yaji’s childhood friend. A second-rate actor, Kita has just totally screwed up an important part on stage and has lost his will to live. Kita decides Yaji and Okino’s impending journey is the perfect way out of his predicament and pesters Yaji to let him join them…

Color / Cinema Scope (1:2.35) / 2007 / 108min / “THREE FOR THE ROAD” Film Partners


Staff :

Director: HIRAYAMA Hideyuki

Screenplay: ABE Teruo

Music: YASUKAWA Goro

Director of Photography: SHIBASAKI Kozo

Editor: KAWASHIMA Akimasa



NAKAMURA Kanzaburo