The Japan Foundation, New Delhi brings exhibition of interesting collection of weapons used in traditional Japanese martial arts – BUDO. The exhibition will travel to various Indian cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and so on.

This exhibition can be categorized into two parts. In the first part, reproductions/originals of historical weapons such as bows and arrows, suits of armor, helmets, and so on are shown, and the development and changes of Japanese martial arts from 8th century to 19th century are explained. Many of ancient types of armor and weapons have not survived to the present or are too fragile for international transport. That is why we decided to include reproductions, which would give the appearance of suits of armor and helmets at the time of original production even more vividly.

The second part deals with the reorganization of bujutsu to budō in the 19th and 20th centuries, and how spirit of martial arts is still inherent in the daily life of Japanese people today. Nine budō associations are also introduced and the clothes and implements such as bamboo swords, protectors, bows and arrows, and so on, which are used by players and students in the present day, are also to be seen.

Brief History

Some scholars estimate that traditional Japanese martial-arts schools referred to as ryūha had come into existence by the end of the Heian period. However, they tended towards inclusive curriculums that integrated training in a number of different weapons. They gradually became compartmentalized over time, and from around the Muromachi period through to the Edo period, specialist schools in which warriors could devote themselves to ascetic training in a specific weapon developed.

Schools dedicated to kyūjutsu (archery) and bajutsu (horsemanship) existed before this; however, from the 15th century we see a burgeoning styles of kenjutsu (swordsmanship), sōjutsu (spearsmanship), and jūjutsu (grappling), but these did not become established ryūha until the Keichō era (1596-1615).


Date: 6th – 20th September, 2013(closed on Sundays and holidays)

Time: 11:00 ~ 19:00

Venue: The Japan Foundation, New Delhi


Chennai  – In October, 2013

Mumbai  – In November,2013

Kolkata  – In January 2014