Teacher’s Training Course A (Batch 8th)

Course Duration: 22 September 2023 –31 May 2024

(3 weekdays (18:30-21:30) and Saturday (10:00-17:00)


TTC-A course aims at training existing as well as new teachers to enable them to acquire the ability to prepare lesson plan and teach Japanese language (beginner level to higher level). It may be noted that the course offers training in fundamental teaching methods of Japanese language and is not aimed at increasing proficiency in the language. Minna no Nihongo will continue to remain the main textbook. Other reliable teaching materials extracted from books, such as Gemba no Nihongo and Japanese official school textbooks will be used as supplementary material to introduce-

  • Japanese work practices 
  • Japanese culture, history, society, etc.

in Japanese respectively. This course will train the new teachers who are willing to be engaged in teaching the Japanese language in future.

Please find the link for the detailed information on how to apply and download the application form.


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*Application deadline is 20 August 2023.

Note: We request you to send the application as instructed on the link. Kindly read the guidelines carefully before applying.