Come and enjoy the spectacular World of Japanese Cinema. 

Theme of the Month is “Japan’s Most Beloved Character Faces the Ups and Downs of Love”


The shy, awkwardly endearing Tora-san has gained a wide and devoted following through the nearly
forty films of his existence. 
The inveterate travelling street peddler, Tora-san, returns to his uncle’s
confectionary shop in Tokyo only to find it closed and his uncle 
in the hospital. He immediately offers
to help his aunt with the shop, but 
his good intentions create more trouble than help. Realizing, as
usual, that 
he would be more useful absent than present, he sets out on the road again.

Eventually Tora-san wends his way north to Shiretoko, a scenic peninsula at the easternmost tip of
the northern island of Hokkaido, where a chance 
encounter with Junkichi, a veterinarian, leads to an
offer to stay at the 
vet’s house.

Junkichi, an irascible but likeable old widower, is secretly attracted to Etsuko, the attractive owner
of a snack bar who often helps him with his 
housework. However, this doesn’t stop him from
complaining about the food 
and prices at her establishment. He also manages to embarrass
Tora-san by, 
insisting on discussing the nation’s agricultural policies about which Tora-san is entirely

Then Junkichi’s lovely daughter Rinko, who had eloped to Tokyo, sadly returns home after the failure of
her marriage. She is welcomed back by 
everyone except her father, who treats her coldly. This attitude
Tora-san, and so he remonstrates with Junkichi, almost causing an out-and- out brawl. But not
long after, a reconciliation party is held at Etsuko’s 
snack bar and Shiretoko once more knows peace.

Soon after, Etsuko announces that she is closing her snack bar and returning to her home town. To
everyone’s amazement Junkichi suddenly 
shouts, “No! You can’t go!” Unable to continue, Tora-san
encourages him 
to explain why, aware as he is of Junkichi’s true feelings. So the bashful Junkichi is finally
able to blurt out,”B-b-because I love you…” 

With the successful outcome of their lives assured, Tora-san takes to the road again, with every wish for 
Rinko’s happiness, and for whom he was 
more attracted to for his peace of mind.


Color / Wide / 1987 / 107 min / Shochiku


Tora-san         :   Kiyoshi Atsumi

Junkichi          :   Toshiro Mifune

Etsuko            :   Keiko Awaji

Rinko              :   Keiko Takeshita

Hiroshi            :   Gin Maeda

Aunt               :    Chieko Misaki

President        :    Hisao Dazai

Reverend        :    Chishu Ryu

Uncle             :    Masami Shimojo


Production Group:-

Executive Producer  :   Kiyoshi Shimazu

Planner                   :   Shunichi Kobayashi

Screenplay              :   Yoji Yamada/Yoshitaka Asama

Photography            :   Tetsuo Takaba

Art Director             :    Mitsuo Dekawa

Music                     :   Naozumi Yamamoto

Director                  :    Yoji Yamada