How the emergence of China both economic and military superpower is changing the security dynamics of East Asia?

East Asia can be seen as one of the most complex, fragile regions in the global security landscape where the regional security issue is concentrated. Will the emergence of China as a military as well as economic superpower make the situation worse or active economic relations among East Asian countries will improve the security situations in the region?

We also have to examine India’s role in the maritime disputes in East Asia and the new dimensions of India-Japan-China relationship in the coming time.

This time, The Japan Foundation, New Delhi will invite one of the well-known and eminent scholar Prof. Akio Takahara of Tokyo University to deliver a lecture on above topic.

Speaker    : Prof. Akio Takahara, University of Tokyo

Moderator : Ambassador Shyam Saran, Chairman, RIS

Date     : 10th March, 2014

Time    : 18:30-20:00

Venue  : Conference Room-I, 1st Floor, Main Building, India International Center, New Delhi