Teachers’ Training Course A (360hrs) Online

This online course aims at training new teachers to enable them to acquire the ability to teach Japanese language (beginner level). Only fundamental teaching methods will be taught in this course, and, it is not meant for improving one’s Japanese language ability.
The course will be taught in Japanese.

➡️ Tuition Fee and textbook charges: FREE

➡️ Eligibility:
(1) Individuals who have Bachelor’s degree in any subject and wish to work as Japanese language teacher. Desirable qualification, however, is Master’s degree in any subject.
(2) Individuals who are staying in India when applying, and who are in the age group of 20-60 years.
(3)Individuals whose mother tongue is not Japanese.
(4) Individuals who have JLPT N3 level or proficiency of N3 level. Desirable level, however, is N2. (JLPT: Japanese-Language Proficiency Test).

➡️ Duration: About 5 months (360 hours)
(Monday to Friday)

➡️ VENUE: Online on Google meet

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➡️ Deadline: 24th September , 2021