September 3rd till September 10th

Promo Code is “JFSTREAM”



JFND presents Shochiku Co. Ltd.’s educational video program “Kabuki for Beginners” from September 3rd till September 10th. This video has been planned and produced by Shochiku Co. Ltd. in order to introduce people to the charm of ‘KABUKI’ and the traditional Japanese performing arts.

It is an introduction aimed at kabuki beginners as well as those who just want to learn more about traditional theatrical art. It has been filmed at Kyoto’s Minamiza Theatre, the oldest surviving kabuki theatre located in the birthplace of kabuki.

You can learn about stage mechanisms, watch how the actors prepare for the stage or enjoy a view of the auditorium from the stage that was filmed using a drone.

?  ?  ?  You can watch the trailer of  KABUKI FOR BEGINNERS !!!
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