The Japan Foundation, New Delhi brings Talk event by Tomotaka Misawa and NOB-C. Thereafter, they will be joining in 3rd Anime Comic Con in Mizoram on 22nd and 23rd Dec.’14.



1)  Paradigm shift of local animation in Japan

2)  Fascination of animation characters



Date    :  19th December

Time    :  18:30

Venue: The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

Entry Free


About Tomotaka Misawa

Born in 1980 at Saitama Urawa (now Saitama City), he is engaged in Movie, TV, with animation, drama, CM, corporate VP, variety shows, music programs, such as music clips, an experience that has made ​​the production of video works of all genres, video production producer. He has also been part of planning and production. Awarded the “Community Business Award” at the Saitama City New Business Award 2014 for the local Animation of Urawa “Urawa no Usagi-chan”.


About NOB-C (nobusi)

Producer / Creator. Has done creative work is done from 2014 through record company of Japan. In a record company, it acts as the producer of an anime song festival. Moreover, it deals with the stage which is an original of anime. It is gearing up in the design of the game character from the design of the audio CD in its company now. The anime work in which he enacts character draft proposal will begin in Japan, 2015.


Photo Credit : Ⓒharappa/テレ玉・浦和の調(うさぎ)ちゃん製作委員会