The Japan Foundation, Consulate – General of Japan in Kolkata, Bharat- Japan Sanskriti Kendra and Pashchimbanga Bangla Akademi presents a musical extravaganza by  – Aki & Kuniko – an exclusive duo of Guitar & Koto from Japan.  There will also be fusion music between Japanese artists and Indian table maestro – Pt. Tanmoy Bose.

The group will be also perform at Dhaka, Bangladesh and Kathmandu, Nepal.


Date    :  9th December, 2014

Time    : 19:00

Venue : Rabindra Okakura Bhawan, DD Block, 27/A/1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700064
             (Near City Centre, beside Gorkha Bhawan)

Entry Free

For enquiries, please email at: 


What is Koto?

Koto is a long board zither having 13 silk strings and movable bridges with a body made of paulownia wood. Being invented in the 8th Century, the tone of koto had been the privilege of nobilities for one thousand years, as it was only played in the Imperial Court. After being introduced to the public in the 17th Century, koto eventually became the national instrument of Japan. Koto’s unique musical characteristics and beautiful tones have become symbols of Japanese music.


About Aki & Kuniko

Acoustic guitarist Aki and the koto (traditional stringed instrument of Japan) virtuoso Kuniko join here in an intimate dialog that fluctuates between traditional Japanese sounds and an abstract new musical world. Aki & Kuniko are a genuine experience, and their intensity, and the unusual atmosphere they create, engross the listener. Crystalline sound spaces, waning overtones, percussive attacks, abstract sonorous architectures and un-tamed unison parts break the barriers of all genres and turn this recording into a true experience of “world-open” music.


About Artists


Hiroaki Sasaki, one of the most eminent acoustic guitarists in Japan, Graduated from the Department of Cinema, College of Art, Nihon University, Japan. AKI started his career in Paris and recordings in Europe in 1998. After returning to Japan, he actively produced a series of albums. In 2009, his song “How I Feel Now” was ranked as the number one song in the Jazz section on in the US.



Kuniko Obina, the koto player, earned a Master’s Degree in Traditional Japanese Music at Graduate School of Music, Tokyo School of Arts. She has performed abroad since 1990. Kuniko has also appeared in several TV programmes on Japanese television.



Tanmoy Bose is one of the foremost musicians in contemporary world music and an indispensable member in the global fraternity of percussion. In 2002 his world music project TAAL TANTRA showcasing cross cultural rhythm and devices won the hearts of connoisseurs and critics alike. Tanmoy has been an ardent researcher and composer. His long tours abroad had given him opportunities to interact and play with musicians, composers and choreographers of international repute.