Shine weeks

The World Assembly for Women in Tokyo (WAW! Tokyo 2014) will be held in Tokyo from 12th – 14th September. The period from before and after the symposium, 8th – 19th September, has been positioned as the Shine Weeks and a series of women-related events will be held by groups not only in Japan also overseas. These events will include symposiums, seminars, movie screenings, performances and other aspects of Japanese culture. It is hoped these events will generate a movement for “A Society where Women Shine” across all of Japan.

The list of events organised by The Japan Foundation for this special occasion are as follows:

1. Special Films screening ~ Shining Women in the Film
(1)Title of the Film : Shodo Girls
Date    :  9th September
Time    :  16:00               
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

Entry : Free
Director: Ryuichi INOMATA
Duration: 120 min.

Short Synopsis

Set in Shikoku Chuo City in Ehime Prefecture, the “City of Paper” that boasts the top output of paper in Japan but was hit by recession, Satoko is the captain of the school calligraphy club, where the members are having difficulties with each other, and affecting their team spirit. However, with the help of the reluctant substitute teacher, they learn to overcome their differences to work together and organize a ” Calligraphy Performance Contest” to revitalize their beloved home town.

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(2)Title of the Film : Happy Flight
Date    :  9th September
Time    :  18:30               
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi        

Entry : Free
Director: Shinobu YAGUCHI
Duration: 102 min.
Short Synopsis

The setting of the film is an airport and airplanes. A great variety of “aviation professionals” such as pilots, flight attendants, the ground crew, mechanics, dispatchers, controllers, and the bird patrol crew all support a single flight. They have only one mission: to secure the safety of the passengers!

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2. Contemporary Dance Performance by Ms. Yuko Harada “Fold to Unfold” ~a  Shining Woman in the modern field, dance
The Japan Foundation, New Delhi and ‘Friends of Art’ presents – Fold to Unfold. It is a dance theatre piece which is combined with the stage set designed with Japanese Origami Art, light design and music.
It relates the journey of life with art of origami and the fact how one holds life in hand similar to a piece of paper and after several foldings and bendings, it finishes into a fine product.
Date    : 17th September, 2014
Time    : 19:30
Venue : Alliance Francaise, New Delhi

3. Ikebana Demonstration by Ms. Kazumi Ishikawa  a Shining Woman in the traditional fields, Ikebana
The Japan Foundation, New Delhi and Sogetsu School of Ikebana invites you to Ikebana Demonstration (Japanese Flower Arrangement) by Ms. Kazumi Ishikawa. Ms. Ishikawa is Master Instructor of the Sogetsu School, Tokyo.
Date    : 18th September, 2014
Time    : 10:30
Venue : India International Centre, New Delhi
Entry by Invitation Only. Kindly contact Ms. Veena Dass (Sogetsu school of Ikebana, New Delhi) at 9811292020 for invite request.


4.Origami Lecture & Demonstration by Ms. Tomoko Fuse ~ a Shining Woman in Origami Art
The Japan Foundation, New Delhi organizes special Origami Workshop by Ms. Tomoko Fuse. She strives for designs with prominent straight lines, thus making the concept of “breaking” the paper pivotal in her work. The workshop will also be organized in Bhubaneswar, Bangalore and Bhutan.


Tomoko Fuse was born in 1951 in the city of Nagaoka, Niigata prefecture. In the 1980s she found her passion about unit origami, created by joining together multiple folded paper sheets. She soon became a pioneer in the field and came to be called the “Unit Queen.”

Tomoko Fuse has over 90 published works in English, German, Italian and other languages.

Date    : 18th September, 2014
Time    : 18:30
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi
Entry Free

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