The story is set in 16th century Japan of Tokugawa Shogunate Period when the Dutch and Portugese had made inroads into Japan and Christianity was introduced. Hideyoshi Toyo- tomi, the Shogunate, is an ambitious man who aspires to bring the whole of Japan under his control and also to invade China and Korea. Ogin, a beautiful adopted daughter of the famous Master of Tea Ceremony, Sen Rikyu, was engaged in her childhood to the young local Lord of Sakai, Ukon Takayama. Ukon Takayama embraces Christianity and is now a married man with a daughter. However, Ogin still cherishes Ukon as her betrothed husband. But Ukon cannot accept her as his wife because of religious scruples and her step-father also does not approve of marrying Ukon. She is then married to Mozuya a liege of Hideyoshi.

In the meantime Hideyoshi goes ahead with his war preparations and seeks Ukon’s support as his liege. However, the pacifist as he is, Ukon does not approve of Hideyoshi’s war adventures. He is therefore banished from Sakai. To improve his chances of promotion Mozuya is willing to let his wife Ogin spend the night with Hideyoshi. It so happens that on that day, she came to know of a plot to arrest Ukon and his followers. So she runs away to give the tip. This annoys Mozuya, who later divorces her. Sen Rikyu, the Master of Tea Ceremony, tries to convince Hideyoshi of the senslessness of his war designs and also tells him that there are not many chieftains who will support him in the war. This enrages Hideyoshi and he threatens Sen Rikyu. Hideyoshi tries to seduce Ogin but she rebuffs despite his threat to take the life of Ukon. Instead of meekly giving in to Hideyoshi, Sen Rikyu suggests to Ogin, who is now divorced, to go over the Ukon instead committing suicide. He escorts her to the place where Ukon was hiding, planning to escape to Kaga. Ukon agrees to take her with him. However Ukon cannot get away and Ogin ultimately commits suicide. Hideyoshi is angry at Sen Rikyu for letting Ogin die. He orders his death too. Rikyu commits suicide. Ukon who was arrested by Hideyoshi is exiled and ultimately dies in Manila.

Running Time: 116 min./color : Standard

Original story by : Toko Ko
Screenplay by : Yoshikata Yoda
Music : Akira Ifukube
Photography : Kozo Okazaki
Directed by : Kei Kumai


Ryoko Nakano
Takashi Shimura
Atsuo Nakamura
Daijiro Iwasaki
Kichieuon Nakamura
Toshiro Mifune

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