The Japan Foundation, New Delhi announces Japanese Language Course – ‘Introduction to Japanese Literature-Part 2’. The course will commence from January, 2015 till April, 2015.


Outline of the course 

The course would be divided into three parts, and in each part a work from a particular period will be chosen and read by all in the class, the material will be given beforehand to the students so that they are prepared with all the new words and Kanjis when we read it in the class. On the final day of the course each of the students will be supposed to make a presentation on any one aspect of the works which have been read in class.


Level of the Language of the Aspiring Students

In this part of the course, all the literary works read in the class will be in Japanese language, though the explanations and discussions may, at times be held in English too. Thus, the aspirants of this course should have a minimum of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N3Level.


Lecture Schedule

Dates  :  Jan 9th & 23rd, Feb 6th & 20th, Mar 6th & 20th and Apr 3rd& 17th (Fridays)

Time   :   2:30pm – 4:30pm  

Venue :  The Japan Foundation, New Delhi 


Material Fee: Rs. 200


Course Contents




9th Jan

Orientation, Introduction to the Second part of the Course

23rd Jan

Reading a work from Ancient Literature 古典文学の作品の読書

6th Feb

Reading a work from Ancient Literature 古典文学の作品の読書

20th Feb

Reading a work from Medieval Literature 近世文学の作品の読書

6th Mar

Reading a work from Medieval Literature近世文学の作品の読書

20th Mar

Reading a work from Contemporary Literature 現代文学の作品の読書

3rd  Apr

Reading a work from Contemporary Literature 現代文学の作品の読書

17th Apr

Students Presentation学習者の発表

*The dates mentioned here however are tentative and subject to change.


Application and Course Fee Payment
– Please visit the Japan Foundation (GF) in order to obtain the Course Instruction and Application Form. 
– Please fill up the Application Form and submit it at the reception of Japan Foundation (GF).
– Due to class size, telephone interview will be conducted on a first-come-first- served basis in the order of application submission. Please note that once all the seats are filled by early-bird applicants, the telephone interview will not be conducted for the late applicants.
– Those who are selected shall come and pay the material fee at the Japan Foundation to finalise the registration. 
– Please send email at for any query.



Application deadline:  23rd December, 2014