GUNDOKU (for group reading) is an activity to recite Poem or stories in a group. The Japan Foundation, New Delhi and Japanese Language Teachers’ Association (JALSTA) are organizing the Japanese GUNDOKU Contest 2018 as follows.

We look forward to many schools to participate!

Poem for this yearやってみよう  ( Let’s do it) written by Makoto Shinohara

1.Date & Time: Friday, December 14,2018, 10:00-13:00

2.Venue: Bluebells School International Kailash (Opp.) Lady Shriram College, New Delhi

3. Eligibility:

1)8th grade in Secondary School who take a Japanese course. (Ideally, it should be Grade 8, but lower grades (6-7)students can also join if there are not enough grade 8 students)

2) The teacher who teaches Japanese must accompany the students.

3)The number of the team members should be 5-20 people

4) Recommended for the teachers to attend the Gundoku workshop to be conducted at the Japan Foundation, New Delhi by Ms.Yuiko Wakana to understand how to train the students in GUNDOKU

How to apply: please apply through Google forms below;

For Flyer click on Download

For the contest, guidelines click on Download

Download the Poem in English and in Japanese 

For query: Ms. Jaspreet Ahuja ( President, JALSTA) <>