The Japan Foundation New Delhi organized a Hybrid Zen seminar on “Zen concepts and Daily life”on Jan 14th, 2023.

Soto Zen monk, Mr. Shogen Hisamatsu was the prime speaker for the event (virtually joining) and Prof. Ranjana Mukhopadhyaya from University of Delhi, joined at the hall as the moderator for the lecture.

Zen was originally born in China and is a form of Buddhism that places zazen at the center of its practice. It further developed in Japan, and two main schools, Soto Zen and Rinzai Zen, have become mainstream.

The lecture focused on the practical aspects of Dogen’s teachings. Dogen, of course, placed great importance on zazen, but he also emphasized the importance of daily conduct. The central idea of zazen is that by conditioning the body, the mind is conditioned, and this is not limited to the practice of zazen. This lecture also focused on the development of Zen from the closed place of monastery to the social sphere as one development of Zen thought. At the end of the lecture, zazen practice was done.

There was a Q&A after the lecture. Candidates joined both in offline (JF New Delhi, Rabindranath Tagore Hall) as well as online (zoom) mode.

Click on the Google form link given below to join us.

Venue: Hybrid mode (The Japan Foundation New Delhi, Rabindranath Tagore Hall or Zoom)
Speaker : Shogen Hisamatsu (Soto Zen Monk) – virtually joining
Moderator: Prof. Ranjana Mukhopadhyaya (University of Delhi)

Application deadline: Jan 11, 2023 (Applicable only in case more than 40 people apply for offline mode.)

#Please note that applications are closed now.


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