Theme: The Curious Case of Shin Chan
Film: CRAYON SHIN CHAN – BRAVO! SAMURAI BATTLESaturday, 15th June at 2:00 pm
Friday, 28th June at 6:30 pmDirector: Keiichi Hara
Duration: 95 minutes
©2002/Usui Yoshito. / Futabasha・SHIN-EI Animation・TV Asahi Corporation. / All Rights Reserved/colour

One morning Shinnosuke and his parents have the exact same dream. While Shin Chan becomes entranced with the “pretty lady” from that dream, his dog Shiro, also seems to have had the same dream and begins digging a hole in the yard. Shin Chan discovers a wooden box in the hole. There’s a letter inside written in his own handwriting that says he’s in the second year of the Tensho era (1574). Even though he has no recollection of the letter, while standing at the bottom of the hole, he unwittingly travels through time to an unfamiliar place.