Call for Application

International Japanese Camp in Thailand 2018

Theme:“What is waste? The 3Rs – Let’s Work Together!”


The Japan Foundation, New Delhi is happy to announce that the Thai Ministry of Education and the Japan Foundation, Bangkok are inviting students and teachers from all over the world to attend their International Japanese Camp.

The camp will gather around 100 Thai students, 80 international students (including 20 Japanese students), 20 Thai teachers, 22 international teachers, 10-20 teachers (from the host school and organizing committee).

Participating countries: Approximately 30 countries including the 10 ASEAN countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Brunei), South Korea, China, Australia, India, US, other countries with a Japan Foundation office etc.

From India 5-6 students and 1-2 teachers will be selected.  One can apply individually or in a group.

Applications are open now! 

For more details please click the link below:


For the application click the link below:「タイ国際キャンプ2018」参加申込書-min-1.pdf「タイ国際キャンプ2018」事前課題-min-3.pdf