The Japan Foundation, New Delhi, is pleased to invite performances of Magisawa Kagura byMagisawa Kagura Group, in India and Bhutan.

Magisawa Kagura

Magisawa Kagura is a theatrical dance in Shintoism and a folk performing art, also called as Nanbu Kagura, having widely been popular from the southern area of Iwate prefecture to northern of Miyagi, although mainly handed down in Magisawa district of Mashiba area in Ichinoseki borough of Iwate prefecture. The art originally started in 1912, when Magisawa Kagura group of eight people had been founded to start the divine performance for shrine in the district. The performance is like a musical entertainment or theatre for Shinto gods, with toned narration and dance accompanied by the big gongs, flute and drums to tell mythological stories or folk tales narrated by the dancers. The group will perform Tori Mai– dancing fowls with joy and Sanbaso– a dance wishing for the productiveness of grain. The members are Shigeyuki Abe, Seiki Yoshida, Jun Iwabuchi, Hiroki Abe and Shinya Iwabuchi.

Jaipur, India

Performance co-organized by Jawahar Kala Kendra

Date: Tuesday, 30th May, 2017

Time: 18:30

Venue: Auditorium, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur

Entry Free









Thimphu, Bhutan 


Date: Friday, 2nd June, 2017

Venue: Special Stage at Clock Tower

Entry Free

To celebrate the Opening Event of Japan Week 2017


Pamphlet of JAPAN WEEK 2017 in Bhutan

Supported by All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.   

(C) Magisawa Kagura