EYES for Embracing Diversity 2017-2018

Applications Open

1.  Overview of the program

The Japan Foundation Asia Center is carrying out a collaborative project in South & Southeast Asia and Japan called “EYES for Embracing Diversity” (hereafter referred to as the EYES Project). Rather than an intolerant society that rejects others who vary from oneself due to the differences in ethnic groups, races, religions, and nationalities that one encounters here and there around the world, including in Asia, this program represents an effort to support the formation of an inclusive society where every individual respects diversity, relishes in each other, and enhances one another’s value. Geared toward the next generation of leaders who seek to achieve a society that embraces diversity, the project sends out messages of diversity.

The EYES Project is a collaborative project that draws together strategists involved with diversity in Asia, primarily Southeast Asia, to Indonesia and Japan. There, they learn about the diversity in their respective countries, understand and analyze local problems, and propose solutions to those problems. Would you like to learn alongside Asian colleagues from a global perspective and put your experience to use in Asia?


2.  Number of Participants

The project will consist of 2 participants from each of the following countries: Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, India, and Japan. The total number of participants for this project will be 10.


3.  Eligibility Criteria

– Professionals with minimum three years of experience who are providing support for diversity in connection with a sub-theme of this project, “human mobility” (e.g., immigrants, refugees, people who immigrate for marriage reasons, exchange students, and others who need support)*1 and:

– Understands the intent of this program and have the experience and competence to work with other participants on collaborative projects and to propose solutions;

– Between the age of 25 and 40, in principle, who are serving in a leadership capacity in their organization*2

– With a positive interest in international exchange and a desire to actively interact with other participants and locals

–  With English ability at an everyday conversational level *3

–  Can participate in both the Indonesia program (November 26th – December 2nd 2017) and the Japan program. The Japan program is scheduled for May 2018. (Approximately 1 week)


*1 Because this program targets mid-level leaders who seek an embrace of diversity, volunteers are not eligible. Eligible applicants shall be professionals working on diversity-related issues.

*2 Because the program targets next-generation leaders, an age limit is being imposed. Also, as the formation of organizational networks through individual participants is one of the objectives of the EYES Program, eligible applicants shall be persons who deal with issues of diversity every day as a matter of professional duty.

*3 All lectures and coursework, etc. will be done in English.


4.  Benefits of participating


(1) For Participants

・       Through this program, participants will understand the diversity of the countries visited by way of on-site observation and lectures by local partner organizations.

・       Participants can form long-term, ongoing networks with experienced strategists from various countries and with local partner organizations.

・       In the process of solving problems, participants will foster analytical skills for understanding others and consultation abilities that will be useful into the future.


(2) For participants’ organizations

・       As project members, by getting to know strategists from various countries working toward the same objectives, participants will come to set high goals, and it is anticipated that they will become human resources who can contribute more to their organization after returning home.

・      Through the transnational networks that the participants will build by means of the program, the organization’s network capacity will also increase. By taking advantage of this network in the future and sharing various countries’ efforts and expertise, the organization can expect to see more pioneering business endeavors and the formation of stronger organizational capacity.


5.  Compensation

There is no fee for participation. All necessary transportation expenses (including the cost of domestic travel, international flights, and travel expenses on site), accommodation expenses, and meal expenses, as well as the costs of activities during the program and overseas travel accident insurance, etc. will be borne by the Japan Foundation.


To Apply, please send your CV with duly filled application form by Oct 30th 2017 17:00 IST.