【Online Swagatam! Japan Foundation for School】
Dear School teachers,
We are calling applications for our Online Swagatam for March 2022.
-The theme for next month will be Hinamatsuri (Quiz & Origami)-
Festivals, or matsuri, are a long-standing Japanese tradition.
One popular upcoming festival is Hinamatsuri, or “Girl’s Day.”??
Hinamatsuri is also known as “Girl’s Day” or “Doll’s Day. ” On this day, Japanese families celebrate their young daughters by praying for their health, good fortune, and prosperity. In Online Swagatam, participants will learn more about this festival, and perform origami.
☆Application Deadline: 25th February ’22 until 12:00hrs (IST)?
☆Please apply from here: https://forms.gle/8xQV4tzwvLW8esdPA
☆Please Note:
-Only School teachers or event coordinators can apply for this program on behalf of their school.