★We are pleased to announce the winners of the South Asian Japanese Short Film Contest 2021-22?

Grand Prize 最優秀賞?
Team Name: Komorebi
Title: クッタ、クッタ、全部食った!

Second Prize 優秀賞?
Team Name: 特殊星二人 (Tokushu Hoshi Futari)
Title: 栄養価の高い伝統料理 – 健康的な生活 (Eiyōka no takai dentō ryōri – kenkō-tekina seikatsu )

Best idea Award アイディア賞?
Team Name: Team RUBY
Title: おにぎりのうた(The song of rice ball)

Most Liked Award いいね賞?
Team Name: Foody Ninjas
Title: 舌から腹まで!

【Comments from Judges】
Congratulation to the winners!! Thank you all for participating in the contest. We appreciate your hard work to make this contest successful. We look forward to your entries for the next contest as well.