Dr. Lalima Varma


JF Fellowship has changed my life in this way.

what do you think is the importance of this scholarship for a fellow?

What was the topic of your research?

How did the scholarship impact your research at that time?

How did this scholarship help you reach your current stage in life and career? (Benefits and opportunities)

Can you share some memories from your scholarship period in Japan?

Any suggestions for the future fellows?


Choose 3 people. mail them about the idea, ask for profile and photo. Compile data.

Name of the recipientTime periodNameName 
1. Dr. Janashruti Prabhakar Feb 15th Meena Gazala 
2. Dr. Lalima VarmaFeb 15th Yashvantha Dongre 
3. Dr. H. S. PrabhakarFeb 15th Rajaram Panda 
4. Dr. Gita A. KeeniFeb 15th Sweety Gupta 
5. Dr. GVC NaiduFeb 15th Tirthapura nanjundiah 
6. Dr. Srabani RoyFeb 15th Benoy K Behl 
7. Dr. Prakash PanneerselvamFeb 15th Vajrakarur Srilakshmi 
8. Dr. Titli BasuFeb 15th Priyal Anant Sathe 
9. Dr. Sushama JainFeb 15th Tariq Sheikh  
10. Dr. Sushila NarsimhanFeb 15th Shamshad Ahmad Khan 
11. Dr. Arnab DasguptaFeb 15th Tenzing Karma 
12. Madhuchanda GhoshFeb 28th 2001 
13. S Prabhakar HirisaweFeb 28th  
14. Preeti NalwaFeb 28th