The Japan Foundation brings stimulating world of puppets with Yumemi Trunk Puppet Theater. Puppet Theater YUMEMI-TRUNK was founded by Satoko Yumidate in 2008 after her 5 years experience in a professional puppet performance company which Susumu Tange (UNIMA honorary member) leads. The performer Hiroyuki Kuwahara won ‘BEST ACTOR’ Award in ‘World Puppet Carnival Indonesia  2013’ for “Urashima” (

The show is directed by Mr. Noriyuki Sawa, who visited India last year and presented a splendid show of Figure Theater. After the astounding response, we now bring this Puppet Theater wherein the puppets of this show are also made by Mr. Sawa.

The group will present two performances – URASHIMA and YAGI NO OHANASHI (The Story of Goat). This Puppet Theater will later tour to Udaipur and Kathmandu.


Date                  : 29th Nov., 2013
Time                 : Opens at 18:30 
Venue               : Chinmaya Mission, 89, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi 110003

Entry Free



Date                  : 2nd Dec., 2013
Time                 : Opens at 19:15
Venue               : Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal Auditorium, Udaipur 313001 

Entry Free



Date                  : 4th Dec., 2013
Time                 : Opens at 16:30
Venue               : Theatre Village Auditorium, Kathmandu, Nepal

Entry Free