【Theme Based Course】日本文学を感じよう~Feel the world of Japanese literature~

The Japan Foundation, New Delhi invites applicants for theme based course! Haruki Murakami is a famous writer not only in Japan but in all over the world. This class aims to enjoy the world of Japanese literature in Japanese through reading and discussing the book written by Haruki Murakami.

1. Class Schedule:

30 August, 2017 (Wed) 10:30-12:00 

13 September, 2017 (Wed) 10:30-12:00

 27 September, 2017 (Wed) 10:30-12:00

2. Eligibility: Those who can read Japanese novels in Japanese


3.The class materials:『はじめての文学』


4. Seating Capacity: 10 people


5. Fee: Free


6. Registration: Please visit the following website and fill out the necessary information


Application Due: 28th August


For Information Click Here:   Course Poster