The Japanese director Mr. Tetsuichiro Tsuta is invited at Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF), in collaboration with The Japan Foundation, New Delhi. His second film – ‘The Tale of IYA’ has been chosen to be screened at DIFF.

After screening of film at Dharamashala International Film Festival (DIFF), it will be screened at Delhi at Japan Foundation. 

Delhi Schedule
Dr. Rashmi Doraiswamy will be in conversation with the Director on 9th November at 14:30. It will be followed by the screening of the film at 15:00.

Date     :  9th November, 2015
Time    :  14:30 ~
Venue :  The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

Entry Free
English Subtitles | 169 Minutes


Short Synopsis: An outsider from Tokyo arrives in Iya, a place where the riches of nature abound. The young man, named Kudo, plans to live a new, self-sufficient existence. He is exhausted with city life, and believes that this beautiful land can give him some rest. But reality is not as easy as he thought. A conflict is underway between a local construction company and a group of nature conservationists. One day, Kudo meets Grandpa and a girl, Haruna, who live deep in the heart of the mountains, far from any other human inhabitant. Their modest and humble life passes slowly, seeming eternal, as if time had stopped.


About Director – Tetsuichiro Tsuta

Tetsuichiro Tsuta was born on June 29, 1984, in a Japanese small town in the mountains. The town was famous for baseball team; however, he spent all his time playing soccer game. He then entered Tokyo Polytechnic University to study filmmaking. He found it very interesting to use 16mm and Black & White film. His first feature film “Islands of Dreams” was taken in 16mm, Black & White negative; he has done every process such as developing and printing all by himself inventing his own methods. This film with impressive visual that is reminiscent of golden age of films had received good reputations at film festivals.



Director/Producer/Writer/Editor : Tetsuichiro Tsuta
Cinematographer : Yutaka Aoki
Sound : Shintaro Kamijyo
Music : Keita Kawabata
Production Manager : Masayuki Ueda
Unit Director : Tomohiko Takeno


Film Festival History 

Tokyo International Film Festival 2013 『Special Mention』
Tromsø International Film Festival 2014 『Aurora Prize』
Göteborg International Film Festival 2014
Glasgow Film Festival 2014
6th Pan Asia Film Festival 2014  『Best Film Award』
HELSINKI CINE AASIA Film Festival 2014
3rd Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival 2014
The 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival  『Jury Prize』
The 15th Jeonju International Film Festival
The 14th Nippon Connection Film Festival 
The 17th Shanghai International Film Festival  
The 16th Taipei Film Festival  
Japanese Film Festival 2014 (Singapore)
Japan Cuts 2014 (New York)  
Summer International Film Festival 2014 (China/Beijing)
The 14th Gwangju International Film Festival  
Nara International Film Festival  
CAMERA JAPAN Festival 2014  
12th Green Film Festival in Seoul 『Special Mention』  
The 63rd San Sebastian International Film Festival 


“The Tale of Iya” H P: