Announcement of Result


The Japan Foundation is inviting 10 art journalists from all over the world for 6 days in order to promote an understanding of the wide range of Japanese art (

Participants will visit the Yokohama Triennale 2014 and the Sapporo International Art Festival 2014 as the focus of the tour. This program also offers participants an opportunity to visit museums as well as have meetings with Japanese curators.

We congratulate Ms. Rosalyn D’mello who has been selected from India.

Period of the Program
Wednesday, July 30 – Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Visit to

Yokohama Triennale 2014, Sapporo International Art Festival 2014, major art museums in Tokyo, etc.


List of Participants’ Media (Countries)
MUNHWA-ILBO (Korea), SOI (Vietnam), LEAP Magazine (China), El Cultural, diario EL MUDNO, diario LA VANGUARDIA (Spain), Art Review (United Kingdom), Corriere della Sera (Italy), Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Germany), Artforum (USA), Canadian Art (Canada), Freelance (India)