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Theme of the Month is “High School girls, Again – Cool Fun in the Sun”




17 years bid Makoto Konno is a talented Time Leaper!

Makoto Konno is an ordinary 17 years old school girl.

Her everyday life is suddenly recomposed once she became a latest heroine who
leaps across the 21st Century


Makoto Konno has two close friends who are both boys in her class. One of them
is Kosuke Tsuda, her childhood friend and the other is Chiaki Mamiya.

It’s far better for Makoto to play threesome ball game with them after school
rather than to play with girls from her class.

It isn’t like they are dating each other or going steady. Their relationship is very
casual and easy going. This is a time to spend a compassionate moment reserved
for them. Because soon, they must decide their course of future before they
become senior in their high school..

But change comes to their relationship.

Makoto gains the gift to slip back into time and retrace her steps because of
certain turn of events. But once she learns the way to make use of the ability, she
exerts it to satisfy her day-to-day desire and discontent of everyday life with no
hesitation. You can gobble up plenty of your favorite meal or settle tiresome
troubles right away! It all meant to be day of the roses for them…



Mamoru Hosoda helms this animation film as a director. He is known for directing the
animation, ONE PIECE THE MOVIE and is also known for his collaboration with Takashi
Murakami with the creation of the short film, SUPERFLAT MONOGRAM for the
sophisticated designers brand clientele, Louis Vuitton. Hosoda is known to be a spirited film

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, character designer of Neon Genesis Evangelion is the expert
artist who portrays cheerful but shrewd and calculating characters which really are timid to
changes in human relationships and have problems moving one step forward to reach their


The mise en scene of this animation feature is placed in a certain residential area in Tokyo. The
Artist who captures the realistic landscape of Tokyo, transforming it into a vivid animation is
Nizo Yamamoto who worked as the Art Director for many animation films of Studio Ghibli,
namely such projects as Princess Mononoke and Hotaru no Haka (aka. Grave of the

Satoko Okudera, the winner of Japan Academy Prize with the feature, Gakko No Kaidan
(aka. School for Ghosts) wrote the Screenplay for this animation feature. She also wrote
screenplay for Director, Hideyuki Hirayama’s Gakko No Kaidan 2, Gakko No Kaidan 4,
Makai Tensho (aka. Samurai Incarnation). She also wrote for filmization of the short
story ZOO written by the popular writer, Otsuichi. This will be Okudera’s first attempt to
write animation screenplay.

Future is not what you should sit and wait for but it is something that you should
open the way on your own.


Production and Team Members

Production: TOKIKAKE Film Partners
Animation Production: MAD HOUSE Ltd
Director: Mamoru Hosoda

Original Story by: Yasutaka Tsutsui (Kadokawa Shoten Publishing)
Screenplay by: Satoko Okudera
Character Design by: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Art Direction by: Nizo Yamamoto


© 2006 TOKIKAKE Film Partners