Come and enjoy the magnificient world of Japanese Cinema at the The Japan Foundation New Delhi Office.

The Theme of the month is “HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI

Director : Kazuo KUROKI
Duration :  99 mins
Date : 6th August, 2016
Time : 2:00 pm
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi


Short Synopsis
It is the year 1948 in Hiroshima; Mitsue, a survivor, works at a library where she meets and grows close to Kinoshita, a shy, young man researching about the disaster. However, the memories of the bombing still haunt her. As she is struggling with her past, her father’s spirit appears intending to help her deal with her painful memories and move on. A heart-warming tale of how one learns to love and trust again after experiencing great adversity.

© 2004 Eisei Gekijo, BANDAI VISUAL, NIHON SKY WAY, TV TOKYO MEDIANET, Aoi Advertising Promotion, PAL Entertainments Production / Colour