Come and enjoy the magnificient world of Japanese Cinema (Special Film Screening) at The Japan Foundation, New Delhi.

The Theme of the festival is “Retro Summer Japanese Film Festival”.

Special Film Screening includes Six movies back-to-back.

Dates: 18th – 23rd July, 2016 (Monday to Saturday)
Time: 6:30 pm onwards


1. The End of Summer (小早川家の秋)

   Director : Yasujiro Ozu
   Year  : 1961
   Duration : 103 mins
   Format : Colour
   Date of Screening : 18th July, 2016 (Monday)
   Time : 6:30 pm

Short Synopsis:

The End of Summer: The film carries forward the lives of the Kohayagawa family, where each wants to do the best that he can for the family. The widower father- Manbei- often visits an old flame in Kyoto, causing concern in the family that he is not paying attention to the sake making company that he is going through financial troubles. With a venerating tone, this film is a reflection on old age, traditional values verses modern influence and mortality.

© 1961 TOHO / Colour

2. Sword of Doom (大菩薩峠)

   Director : Kihachi Okamoto
   Year : 1966
   Duration : 119 mins
   Format : B & W
   Date of Screening : 19th July, 2016 (Tuesday)
   Time :  6:30 pm

Short Synopsis:

Sword of Doom: Ryunosuke is a sociopathic samurai without compassion or scruples. When he is scheduled for an exhibition match at his fencing school, the wife of his opponent begs Ryunosuke to throw the match, offering her own virtue in trade.

© 1966 TOHO / B & W

3. Red Beard (赤ひげ)

   Director : Akira Kurosawa
   Year : 1965
   Duration : 185 mins
   Format : B & W
   Date of Screening : 20th July, 2016 ( Wednesday)
   Time : 6:30 pm

Short Synopsis:

Red Beard: The Original book “Akahige Shinryotan” (Tales of Doctor RED BEARD) is the work of Shugoro Yamamoto. The entire film flourishes with the spirit of humanism centred on the magnificent character of RED BEARD. In Japan, where it is common to be playing more than one part at a time especially when shooting of one film is to be conducted over an extended period of time, this was an rare exception.

© 1965 TOHO/  B & W

4. Kill! (る)

    Director : Kihachi Okamoto
    Year : 1968
    Duration : 109 mins
    Format :  B & W
    Date of Screening : 21st July, 2016 (Thursday)
    Time :  6:30 pm

Short Synopsis:

Kill!: Genta is disillusioned with life as a samurai, while Hanjiro is a farmer fed up with his powerless existence, who dreams of a glory days as a samurai. Kill! Is a comical exploration of a samurai life.

© 1968 TOHO/ B & W

5. Samurai (宮本武蔵)

    Director : Hiroshi Inagaki
    Year : 1954
    Duration : 93 mins
    Format : Colour
    Date of Screening : 22nd July, 2016 ( Friday)
    Time : 6:30 pm

Short Synopsis:

Samurai:  With his closest friend, Matahachi, Takezo (the town’s wild orphan kid) leaves his village to join an army on its way to battle. Takezo returns to the village and Matahachi’s family rejects his report and has him arrested for treason.

© 1954 TOHO / Colour

6. Godzilla (ゴジラ)

    Director : Ishiro Honda
    Year : 1954
    Duration : 98 mins
    Format : B & W
    Date of Screening : 23rd July, 2016 ( Saturday)
    Time  6:30 pm

Short Synopsis:

Godzilla: This 1954 original pioneered special effects filmmaking and inspired many remakes. Re-live this epic classic that introduced the most fearful of all movie monsters- Godzilla.

© 1954 TOHO/ B & W