How do we perceive piracy act?

In this lecture, we will overview the piracy act in Art from historical point of view, to examine how our perception on piracy has been shaped.

Lecture will be delivered by one of the most eminent scholars of Asian Art History, Prof. Shigemi Inaga.

Professor of International Research Center for Japanese Studies at one of the most prestigious places, School of Art and Ascetics of JNU.

The lecture will also be chaired by Prof. Rustom Bharucha of the same dept. of JNU, who is the author of the most widely known book on India-Japan relationship and Asia, “Another Asia”.

Vibrant and groundbreaking discussion on this controversial topic is expected to take place at SAA, JNU!


Entry Free


How to reach SAA Auditorium, JNU Reach to the main entrance of JNU via Munirka.  At the main entrance inform the guards that you need to go to SAA.  Go down the main street – it’s quite long.  Get to the end of the street where there is a T-junction.  From there take a LEFT.  Go down that street and you will hit another T-junction.  From there take another LEFT.  The SAA building is on the right just before you reach a small round about in the middle of the road.