Modular Origami is an origami technique that can be used to create interesting and impressive origami artworks of mathematical figures, such as polyhedrons. It generally involves a two-stage paper-folding technique which requires multiple sheets of paper. In the first stage, each sheet of paper is folded into a module. In the second stage, the numerous modules are assembled into a three-dimensional structure, and a polyhedral shape can be created. Many intricate artworks can be made from simple modules.

Miyuki Kawamura

Miyuki Kawamura is an origami artist and a board member of the Japan Origami Academic Society. She is a renowned origamist who completed her doctoral course in material science at the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kobe University, Japan. Her work showcases the potential of applying mathematical theory into a form of origami art. She is well known in Japan as well as abroad for her innovative works in modular origami. She has published many books including “Polyhedron Origami for Beginners” etc.